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Litchi Farm

Lychee Farm

From May to July, FUYI total Lychee annual export volume reached 1,500 tons and build a leadership position in country export volume. 5 consecutive years obtain a global good agricultural operations certification (Global G.A.P), Litchi exports to the United States, Canada, Australia, Britain, the European Union, Dubai, Thailand, Malaysia.
In 2015 FUYI litchi farms increased to 35 farms are located in Hainan, Guangdong, Guangxi and Fujian, with a total area of 165200 acres. FUYI Farms are strictly controlled by pesticide control management ,use ecological methods and harvests the litchi by staff’s hand. Under the guidance of professional and technical personnel ,the total output of all orchards reach 2900 tons. Since 2009, FUYI food has been divided into several farms,our farms control pesticide in strict accordance with EU regulators pesticide MRL standards .Until 2015, partition farms increased to nine area in order to meet the sufficient supply needs of the whole sale season.
FUYI farm increase research in developing and planting the resistant saved varieties. so that lychee can export to faraway customers countries .Long distance long time needs higher preservation requirements of fresh litchi long transport, research and development of high-quality varieties are good preservation of the premise ,under the same preservation conditions of high-quality varieties can extend the time of preservation, to better ensure litchi arrived maintained original freshness. Meanwhile, we also increased efforts to develop preservation technology, the cold treatment can ensure the freshness of litchi during sea transportation.
Sweet Black leaf is still the popular sale varieties of lychee season, accounting for 58% of export, followed by Fei Zi Tis, export volume reached 30%, the rest is Gui Wei, Yu He Bao ,Huai sticks,Osmanthus fragrance, in addition to air transportation popular variety-Nuo Mi Ci.
As the strong growing of FUYI food Company ,we promote the development of many area agricultural economy, make benefit to over thousands of farmers, guarantee farmers have a stable income.

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