Baby Mandarin

Nanfeng Nov-Dec
Sand Dec-Feb
Mashui Feb-Dec
Sand Dia: 4-5.0cm



Fi Tsz Siu 25g up
Black leaf 23g up
Yu He Bao 25g up
Nuomici 26g up
Products Availabity:May-Jul



Brink :22-24
Products Availabity:Jul-Sep
Product specification:20g up
Shelf Life:50-60 days


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Since 2000,our establisher stated to built export business of fresh fruits and vegetables.In 2004,Foshan Fuyi Food Co.,Ltd.was established .we mainly engage in preserving,processing,storing and transporting of fruit and vegetable.After 2010,to expend business area,we developed imported fruits to satisfy export demand.

“FUYI” specialize in exporting fresh fruits and vegetables to wholesales,supermarkets,hotels,restaurant,retails,including litchi,longan,sugar orange,sugar cane,ginger,garlic,lotus root,arrow root,shallot,water chestnut,sweet potato,taro,eddo,winter melon,arrowhead,snap pea and snow pea and more.