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Arrowroot Soup

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The Chinese Arrowroot Soup , many people may not have heard of or taste of arrowroot or the soup. The Arrowroot is a type of root plant similar to yucca, taro or potato root plants. So you can find it in the produce sections with the potato, yucca or taro. However the arrowroot is harder in texture and it is extensively starchy than potato. When it is cut up, it has patterns on surface that looks like the ages of a tree trunk.

The arrowroot is high in protein and fiber which is very beneficial to our body. Since the arrowroot is very fulfilling, sometimes we will make good old pot of soup as substitution of our meals as well. I like to drink the soup more than eating the arrowroot actually as the soup is really sweet and tasty. We cook the soup by adding in seafood ingredients such as dried oysters and dried squids, this makes the soup so refreshing sweet with the natural sweetness from dried seafood. You can omit if you don’t like seafood, just add in more pork ribs or pork bones.

For more information of arrowroot, search in wikipedia.


1 medium Arrowroot (remove skin, cut into small pieces or slices)
1/2 lb pork ribs
1/2 lb pork loins
3 piece dried squids (soaked, cut into small pieces)
6 piece dried oysters
1 cup of peanuts (optional)
10 dried red dates
Salt to taste

Cooking Method:

Blanch the pork ribs and loins in boiling water to remove any debris, rinse in cool running water.
Bring a medium pot of water to boil, add the peanuts, pork ribs and pork loins into water.
Add in dried squids, dried oysters and arrowroot pieces, bring to boil and cook for 5-10 minutes.
Turn heat to low and simmer the soup for at least 1 1/2 – 2 hours till the arrowroot is edible, peanuts and pork are tender.
Add salt to taste.

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